So there’s an app kinda like tinder, but for moms to meet mom friends. I connected with a woman and we may meet up today. Since Ollie has bowling she may come to the lanes if she has the time. It didn’t sound too promising but its a possible start. I had a one on […]

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Yesterday I had an appointment to get an injection at 9am, then I had therapy scheduled for 10am….I get to my appointment right on time sign in at the lower desk she sends me up to get the shot I wasn’t sure if they changed locations so I asked at the upstairs desk where I […]

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So my mommy talked to the husband she is separated from cuz she had to tell him about a friend who passed away, they spoke about his own health issues for a while, among them are, a colostomy bag, and catheter he has a home health aid 4 days a week his a1c is 15, […]

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Yesterday was a nothing to report kinda day. I didnt feel well due to an anxious stomach. I just had a bad feeling about Oliver being out bowling and I was right, he came home drunk. Such a waste of what could be a perfectly happy family. But no I gotta deal with that bullshit […]

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Nothing to really share today…..slept in….went swimming…..got a pretty bad shock when unplugging something near the pool in a hurry to beat the storm….watched a movie….relaxing. thats my whole day. Until next time

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Nothing much to report today. Was kinda moody today. Oliver went to pick up lunch with a female coworker, its not that I dont trust him but I find it disrespectful. My absolute best friend thats not related to me is a man but I wouldn’t be galavanting around town with him alone. I just find […]

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Finally getting my numbers under control! Its been so long since I’ve had a number like this! i cant even tell you when the last time was!! Kinda took a tumble yesterday….i had just taken laundry upstairs and got it started and when I was coming down the stairs I got really light headed and […]

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Too tired to write will update fully tomorrow. Until next time

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Small fire in the microwave last night meant for an awful night of sleep. Ollie woke me up around 1am by yelling for me to get the fire extinguisher. By the time I comprehended the phrase Oliver was at the microwave putting it out with his hands. All turned out OK. I had to miss […]

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Time to go back to bed now that everything is good! Until next time

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