Inhaler isn’t doing its job. Switching to nebulizer today to see how it does. Until next time

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Having some health issues….possibly adult onset asthma? But its not fun Trying to sleep but the lack of air i’m receiving is hindering that plan. I dont wanna go to the ER so hopefully this resolves itself fast. Three days is long enough! Not to mention all the yawning this is causing is insane I […]

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Pych upped my lamictal today kept my other meds the same hopefully we get quick results. The fuckening is approaching. Off to sleep so I can say I made it through another day. Until next time

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Wow this is my 350th post! Its been almost a month since my last entry. Im losing interest in things again…I feel a breakdown on the horizon or at the very least a bad depression creeping in. So many contributing factors. My anxiety is getting the best of me lately. Anytime I leave the house […]

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Ok….its been a bit I think since I actually wrote and I wish I knew what I was going to write about so let’s start recently and work our way back i guess. Ollie almost got kicked out of class already. Supposedly he laughed at something and the teacher said she was gonna kick him […]

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Quick post before DBT… anniversary with the Mr. Was yesterday….can’t believe we have been together 16 years. We did a little shopping i got a few clothes and a double griddle pan, he got shoes, Ollie got school shoes, ophian didnt come with us and we didn’t know what to get him but he wasn’t […]

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Lots of flooding in my state and area due to the remnants of Ida passing through. We got a notification around 10 or 11 last night that our police station had to be evacuated due to flooding, and if they were needed, to just call 911. All the schools were originally going to have a […]

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Ally is doing well. She’s home and resting. This horrible situation was brought on by a breakup. Hopefully she sees a brighter side to everything Tomorrow i finally have my appointment for my abilify injection….only 2 weeks late. I think the place i go through for everything like therapy, med management, etc… is great with […]

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Trigger warning: mentions of attempted suicide My little cousin attempted suicide last night. I dont know the whole story or timeline or anything but what I know is she tried. So beautiful so young so much to live for. So sad. Apparently when my uncle went to go pick her up to take her to […]

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Ok so Saturday he pulled an all-nighter drinking, Sunday he was home, Monday he worked,, Tuesday he went golfing….he drank…we took the kids to get their 2nd covid shot and talked while we waited and I told him I dont want him to drink that night at bowling….we get to bowling and he asks if […]

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