This headache is beyond extreme. It hurt so bad last night I cried myself to sleep. Today I would put it at a 6 on the pain scale. I have a call in to my Dr. Office. The nurse called me to tell me that since I met with the Dr on the 22nd and […]

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Headache day 8. Got really miserable last night just as bad as Tuesday if not worse for a bit. This morning Oliver had a meeting at work since his boss is officially back from the other locations. They brought up a lot of issues and Oliver said it sounds like they made progress. Only time […]


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Day 7 of this never ending headache. At least it let’s me sleep. I’ve had headaches that were too severe in the past to let sleep take me. Oliver had off work Thursday and Friday, he sadly works today but is off again on Sunday! We’ve enjoyed just laying in bed and cuddling or just […]

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Day 6 of this headache. The Dr said once a headache sets in, it’s really hard to get rid of. I’ve tried caffeine, aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, hot shower, cold compress, dark room, naps….nothing has helped. Tuesday was the worst day, no day has been as bad as that with this one. Monday I have to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving to all! I just sat down for the first time since I woke up at 6am. I have the turkey in the oven so I’m giving myself 20 minutes to sit then I need to get some vacuuming done upstairs. I showered and did my makeup, now I need to get ophion to […]

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Day 4 I think of this headache. I’m over it. Until next time

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Headache is still here…bowling alley and headache do not equal good times. I’ve done some research and I think ophions next subject when he finishes his English book in the next week or so will be creative writing. He is an amazing writer he just has to get out of his comfort zone. He would […]

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There’s been nothing to really write about. I’ve been scatter brained. Trying to mentally prepare for Thanksgiving cooking. I’ve had a miserable headache since yesterday morning, just trying to rest it away since meds aren’t helping. It’s a bowling night, which means it’s going to be loud. I need to try to get rid of […]

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Didn’t call the Dr today but still need too. Money hit my account from B.O.S.S at midnight last night. I believe for last month and so far this month. It’s such a relief not having to worry about having pasta or Mac n cheese for dinner. We went to the store and got everything we […]

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