Boy oh Boy was I in for a surprise this morning. Oliver text around 515 this morning to tell me he was on his way home, and when he got here, he wasn’t really drunk. You could tell he had been drinking but he was as close to sober as I could’ve hoped. I’m so […]

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Oh the anxiety is real! Today is the day Oliver leaves for the overnight Marathon tournament and I am dreading it. I have such a bad feeling in my stomach and nothing is making it better. He has taken call after call, text after text all about tonight and while none of it sounds crazy, […]

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So, it’s the end of the day and things are winding down. I had to change dads dressing and I can’t tell if its trauma to the area or swelling but when I change it again tomorrow if I still don’t like how it looks, we will be making a call. We decided we aren’t […]

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359 part 2

We came home and checked my father in laws hand and got a goooood look at it. It definitely needs stitches and is now bleeding like crazy. I finally convinced him to go so Oliver and Ollie run him to the hospital and they said it will be a couple hours so they leave him […]

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I get really annoyed with stubborn people. Tonight, for example my father-in-law was working on a project of his using a dremmel saw in a place that is impossible to see. You can only reach it by feel. Using any type of saw when u can’t see what you are doing is a bad idea. […]

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I’m finally feeling a lot better. I even think i will get a bit of laundry and cleaning done today! I wont go too overboard as i know how winded i get at all the simple things. on friday my big christmas gift got here and im such a little kid i couldnt wait to […]

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Pretty sure I have covid again. I’ve been fighting it for a week now and yesterday or the day before I lost taste and smell. Im worse off than the first round of it in February, and today my breathing went way south. Stairs are near impossible, im left gasping by the time i reach […]

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Oliver is pulling his bullshit again. I wish I was still seeing ‘A’ twice a week for therapy instead of having a new therapist only 1x a month. Hes pulling his bullshit more often. He had a fuck up of epic proportions 2 maybe 3 weeks ago where he decided not to come home and […]

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So Wednesday is my last day with my therapist and the group therapies I’m in at the current location. Im getting discharged to a lower level of care. Which should be exciting and sound promising, but its just building the anxiety to insurmountable heights. 1st I’ve become so close to my therapist that I bawled […]

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Its been almost a month of emergency rooms, doctors, and specialists. The chest pain isn’t too bad this last week, but im feeling the palpitations….(if I didn’t mention those previously then I’m mentioning them now. Its been chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations) the shortness of breath improved for a few days but the […]

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