137 I got the call…

Today I woke up a little late considering I had a 10am call scheduled with my therapist. I think in woke up 5 minutes til 10. I woke up and went to the bathroom when I came out I noticed a missed call from an unknown number. I called back before checking my voicemail only to discover it wasnt my therapist but the Vet that put my babygirl down. They were calling to say her ashes were in. Today was a very rainy day and Oliver doesnt drive in bad weather if he can avoid it, but he knew how badly I wanted her home. so we checked the radar and saw a break in the weather around 1230.

My therapist called around 1015 and needed to update my treatment plan which we decided would change to dr only! We discontinued therapy at this time. Things have been going so well that we believe seeing the dr is enough for now and I can always change back to include therapy.

We headed out for Opals ashes and my stomach was in all sorts of knots. The whole way there I felt off as soon as I received her I felt mildly better but only for a little while. I decided I was hungry and wanted to honor her memory by repeating her last meal….chicken nuggets from mcdonalds.

After we ate my stomach really got upset. So I decided to take a nap to avoid getting sick. It worked and I felt a little better when I woke up but again I was hungry. I ate a little something and again my tummy is in knots so I’m just relaxing in my cozy chair with a blanket and some tv.

Oliver is in the middle of a panic attack himself so hes in the other room coloring in his coloring book. One day we will both be healthy and get to enjoy a day with no complaints.

Well my belly is screaming it’s time for bed so I’m off.

Until next time

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