So I just had a telehealth appointment with my psych. It went really well for the most part. she did switch one of my meds. I was taking welbutrin and it worked great on my depression, but lately my anxiety has been insane. Im talking panic attacks every other day/night. I have this irrational fear about fire. I swear my house is going to catch on fire somehow. Whether its the dryer, someone cooking, something that is plugged in etc… just something is going to catch fire and we’ll be trapped in the basement or my autistic son will forget the plan we’ve had in place since he was 3. I’ve replaced batteries in smoke alarms, I’ve bought fire extinguishers and placed them around the house and yet I’m still panicking. So as I was saying the dr switched my welbutrin for Prozac. She believes this will be a better fit for me as it works for depression and panic disorders. She started me on 20 mgs once a day in the morning. After reading about this drug i’m nervous. These side effects are no joke. I know all meds have side effects but these ones are causing some distress and again it could just be me starting to panic a bit.

I have a few things to do around the house so I need to stop here but ill be back tonight.

Until next time

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