Went to the endo again today…..he upped my insulin to 18 units. He also banned carbs from my diet as much as possible and told me I should be drinking 8 to 10 bottles of water a day!!! Who drinks that much of anything in a day?!?! I drink maybe 2 bottles of soda a day….all day. I cant imagine drinking 8-10 bottles of anything let alone water. I struggle to drink one or two bottles of water when I remember.

Oliver and Ollie practiced (bowling) before my appointment and Ollie beat Oliver 2 games in a row and only lost the 3rd by 7 pins. Ollie is convinced he wants to bowl the over/under JBT in February so he’s doing everything he can to improve.

Tomorrow we are going to top golf since Oliver didn’t take ollie golfing the other day like he was supposed to. Im so excited to get the chicken sandwich as my send off to carbs.

I’ve been watching my little brother on twitch a lot lately…. Monday – Saturday usually, sometimes Sunday. Tonight someone offered to make stickers for his streams. To be won or purchased at will.

Ok im heading to bed…..exhaustion has officially hit and my eyes are struggling to stay open.

Until next time

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