Ugh math! I hate it! Its not even that its hard math its easy math but for someone who doesn’t know how to multiply in their head and doesn’t know their multiplication facts…its a pain in the ass. We are doing square roots and such. If u give me the number 9² I can tell you the answer is 81, but if you give me 169 I cant figure out that the answer is 13². I can estimate and start going through all the multiplication numbers that are close until I land on the right one. Tomorrow we start on the pythagorean theorem. Which excites me cuz I can do that easily. Go figure. Well not the decimals I can round to the nearest whole number though.

My sugar has been high. I wake up and its usually over 200. I gotta get an endocrinologist and get it under control. I also gotta start working on my weight. I’m hovering around 260. Almost back to my highest weight ever.

Ollie has gained a lot of weight over the summer. Hes up to 140. We need to work on that given the family history of obesity on his paternal side.

Im falling asleep so its time to end this

Until next time

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