Another short one tonight.

Reached out to MML today, didn’t get much in response. I think her mental health is struggling lately. I wish I could make everything better for her. “Lord” knows she deserves it.

Mommy called tonight. She’s off Wednesday so hopefully we will talk more then.

So I’ve watched the show on Netflix and read the first book but imagine my surprise when I saw the full book list for Virgin River?!?!

Ophion and I did the pythagorean theorem today for geometry, it went as well as it could by the end he knew to multiply the numbers by themselves to come up with the full equation a²+b²=c². He didnt understand why, he just knew that was the step. He didnt understand the c² square root business but the chance he will need that info growing up is very unlikely.

Tomorrow I have school with both boys, so I have to be sure to get up early. I’ve actually become quite tired while writing this so I think its off to bed for me.

Until next time

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