277 introducing the newest member to our family.

We did it! We got another furbaby. Her name is……Nala. This time we got a coonhound and shepherd mix. Instead of being brown with blonde marking shes black with brown markings. (Think Doberman or rottweiler)

She is skinny as can be even though she weighs 69lbs. She’s 2 yrs old.. She’s still a little skittish but that will get better over time. I walk her every couple hours and about an hour after she eats and right before bed. She eats twice a day, 1.5 cups each feeding. The first night she slept well in her crate but only made it till 4am and last night she slept all the way through till 6am. Im exhausted but she’s been sleeping all morning so I’m guessing she is too.

While on a walk with her this morning I hit a patch of mudd and went down….hard. it was not fun. The leash went flying out of my hand my phone went flying out of my pocket. Luckily the Nala didn’t take off running. Ollie was crying when I went down he was so worried.

Well I’m gonna close my eye for a bit so I’m gonna end this here.

Until next time.

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