not to shabby

we went to Carl* and Ellie’s* house yesterday as per usual on Thursday nights now. we hung out and talked and played with the puppies dug* and kevin*. I’m still in that shy, are they judging me, they are gonna get tired of me soon stage of the friendship but there is something about them that I absolutely adore. ive never cherished a couple more so soon into a friendship, but I truly can say they are my favorite of all the couples we have ever hung out with in the 14 years Oliver and I have been together. they too have 2 children though their daughter  is a bit older at 17, their soon is right between ours at 11.

league last night wasn’t too bad. I put on my audiobook that I’ve been trying to get through for a couple weeks and did a little poking around on the good ol interweb. audiobooks are hard for me as they always make me sleepy. after a little poking around I pulled out the tarot cards and a friend noticed them and was that typical “are they evil?” skeptic. I explained a little about them and assured him they were perfectly safe and he asked me to do  reading for peace of mind. I think he was satisfied though I usually wouldn’t give a reading on the question he asked.

apart from people saying hello, I didn’t have much interaction with my husbands team. this usually starts my fall into darkness on Thursday nights but now that I am medicated pretty well it didn’t bother me as much, and the fact that my husband wont be back for this league next year {so I wont ever really see any of them again} helped as well. Carl did a good job of sporadically interacting with me through the night and I think that had a big part in me not going dark. Oliver was a bit better than he usually is as well though he was bowling as well as he hoped to be.

today was an easy day,  I had to straighten up a room upstairs for my father in law who was supposed to have a guest over . then I came down to watch a movie and relax while Oliver took Ollie to bowl. when they got back Oliver and I cuddled which made him fall asleep rather quickly then I followed soon after, after getting the kids some stuff they wanted to eat. we got up, made dinner, ate, now i’m here talking to you fine people.

we are due for a nasty storm so I am going to finish here and wrangle up the candles and flashlights.

until next time



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