Lets do this!!

Hello out there to all in the word press universe!! For those who are just joining or for those that haven’t read in a while, I’m Ophelia Jones, Im a bipolar2, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety suffering sexual abuse survivor. I’ve been with and married to my soulmate Oliver, whom is a recovering alcoholic for going on 14 years!! We have 2 boys, Ophion who will be 13 this year, he is our autism tour guide, and Ollie who recently turned 10, hes our gamer boy. We have a gorgeous dog named Opal who has been a real life saver when it comes to my moods.

A little more about me is I am a practicing eclectic witch who also dabbles in tarot reading, I love tv and movies, but I will always prefer reading to any other leisure activity. I’m a SAHM. Originally I am from Illinois, but I currently live in NJ, with aspirations to move to North Carolina in the next 10 years or so to be closer to my mother in law and be part of a small community. all of my family is still in Illinois and while I miss them all very much I just cant picture myself moving back to a place that has such violence and crime. my family may take offense to that statement but i’m doing what is best for my family.

now that I have brought you up to speed somewhat on who I am and a few things about myself lets move on to this blog and the intentions I have for it. I started this blog as an outlet for me to get everything out of my head and feel like I have someone to confide in. I’ve met a few wonderful people through this blog and following a few others that I’m happy with the connections I have made. I plan on using this in many ways and will write in many different variations. I never worry about proper sentence structure, punctuation etc as I am just here to get everything out and not worry about being perfect.

tomorrow I will write about what has been going on that I can remember since the last big update, which should catch everyone up to now. no guarantees that I will remember much as I have been in a depression for a while and my memory is shot and fuzzy from it.

this seems like a good stopping point for now.

until next time!

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