Lots of changes

So I have determined my word for the year, sort of. its more like a phrase to go by. it’s “GO FOR IT!” I’ve lived my life pretty much by the book my whole life. yea I did some things I shouldn’t have but I for the most part lived a straight path. I was a mom at 19 so I never did the bar thing I don’t associate with many people to go out on the weekends I’ve always worried what others would think of what I was doing. this year i’m going to do more for myself. I have a habit of putting myself last in everything and while I will probably still do that, I will do more for myself than I usually do.

It started with this blog, it gave me a new identity, which I carried over to facebook and created myself there, and now into my life. I have the “normal”- mom me, and now I have the Ophelia me.  who just got an amazing hair cut that mom me never would have gone for. mom me has wanted this for years but only the Ophelia me would attempt.


now I am going to have to cut this short as it is a Thursday, i’m at the bowling alley and forgot to charge the laptop so we are at 10% with no charger in sight. I will attempt to get everything on a schedule this weekend and make sure to write these more often.

until next time.



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