Dark day 

Last night I went dark and I’m still feeling the effects of it today….I however have a truckload of chores to do. I’m hoping I can push the darkness aside and power through but I’m not sure. 

As for the chores, I already have a load of laundry in the washer, a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Now I’m going to eat a bit then see how I feel. I may end up taking a nap since I’ve been up since 5, we’ll see. 

Last night I took 10mg of melatonin and slept pretty well, especially considering I had to sleep in the boys room in Ophians twin size bed, with Opal the 70lb bed hog. I just wish I didnt wake up so early.  Now if you are wondering why I slept in the boys room it’s because Ollie is scared to sleep in his room alone so on nights Ophian sleeps upstairs with pop-pop I sleep in the boys room…..for now. 

Well it’s time to switch the laundry and stuff so I’ll end this here. 

Until next time


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