sunflowers and adult beverages

so I have become obsessed with Shannon Purser’s song “Sunflower” from the movie sierra burgess is a loser. It is constantly playing on a loop on youtube, it’s my notification ringtone since that goes off the most and I get to hear the song play.

anyway, today is Monday and Oliver is bowling tonight. For the first time we left BOTH kids home with my father in law, but Ophian is basically babysitting because him and Ollie are both downstairs and my FIL is upstairs. Ophian didn’t want to babysit but he was given a quick $10 bribe and accepted the terms. I set the security/pet camera up in my room so I can pop in and watch and listen to what is going on over there since Ollie usually just sits in my room and plays video games the whole time we are gone.

I’ve been losing steam lately which is usually a sign that my meds need adjusted again. I don’t think I see that dr again until march so I may need to set an earlier appointment to get it taken care of. I wonder if I could get her to sign a rx for medical MJ. I haven’t touched the stuff in 15 or so years but I can ignore all the people and studies saying that it helps with anxiety. I wouldn’t smoke it, it took to much for me to quit smoking 5 yrs ago to put more shit in my lungs.

the CBD oil is still working slightly, but as Ive stated before i’m not taking a strong enough dosage to be 100% effective. but i’ll do what I can until I can get a better deal somehow. my MIL said she will look into it by her in NC and see how pricing is for me.

The guys are getting ready to start bowling so its gonna get real interesting soon, as I sit here typing and sipping my sangria.20190128_182217 I think Oliver is trying to see me drunk tonight cuz this drink is strong. well I will finish here so I can enjoy the company of the men , kid free.

until next time!


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