Grocery store anxiety

Today we had a major issue with the bus for Ollie’s school.  We always get to the bus stop in time to see the bus way down the street at other stops, which gives us a good 5 minutes at least before our stop. Today we got there and waited….when we hadn’t seen it down the street well after the time it should’ve been to our stop, i called and was told 3 minutes away. 3 minutes pass, 5 minutes pass, 10 minutes… we have now been standing outside for a total of 40 minutes in less than 32 degree weather when we finally see the bus. Before my stop the bus makes several stops between the block over where we first see it to our stop, on my stop alone there are 3 stops before it gets to us. The last stop before us are an adorable set of twins that I assume to be 1st graders maybe younger. Anyways the bus is down at the end at our streets first stop…which means 2 more before us….well the bus never stops till it reaches us! I start yelling you missed stops down there but he stayed in the bus with the doors closed so I go get the twins myself as all the other kids start running for the bus. Ollie is standing next to me I’m waving to the kids to hurry and the bus driver (who was not the regular bus driver) shuts the doors and starts to pull away. I start screaming again woah what about these kids pointing to Ollie and the boy still running to catch the bus. And hes waving his arms he opens the door and I tell what do you think your doing then I said no u know what you’re not driving my kid anywhere you have no clue what you are doing. So Ollie got a hooky day, Along with Ophion who has been kicked out of school twice this week for a COUGH. Which brings me to his story for the week. 

Monday he was sent home for coughing and was told unless he brings his own tissues in (which we brought 3 boxes at the beginning of the year) he cant use the teachers anymore cuz the 4 he used is too many. Assholes. (Dont give me the whole but teachers pay out of their own pocket thing….yes I know and appreciate it fully which is why we donate 3x what is asked of us every year and replenish mid year for them, but 4 tissues is not too many) so he was sent home. Did the med thing, Tuesday his cough was bad so he stayed home with more meds, wednesday his cough was much better so we continued meds and decided Thursday he could go back to school. Well by 1030 the nurse called again he needs to be picked up because his cough is too loud and its disturbing the class. So he missed all week but the dr prescribed him 2 inhalers and lots of lollipops so hes happy. 

Oliver took Ollie bowling with pop-pop this morning then Oliver and I went to the grocery store. I got bad vibes from this guy in the store to the point my anxiety was on high alert. We literally saw him in every aisle and I started to have a panic attack. Oliver offered to leave the cart and get me home but I powered through and we got out of there as soon as we could. We bought this amazing batch of premade bruschetta and omg it is going to be a staple in this house from now on. 

Well its tacos for dinner tonight so i should get started. 

Until next time

Today Oliver and I went to the grocery store

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