hiatus, diabetes and witchcraft

I took a short hiatus from blogging while I worked on the new facebook stuff. between building a following on the pseudonym page and trying to build up the group and living life with the family, I’ve been pretty booked. i’m going to try to work on here more though and find a way to get it in everyday again like I was. maybe i’ll use my hourly mom planner and figure out when to do everything.

so witch b!tches, tarot and more 20181231_1312176969311712431367362.jpgis slowly building. we have over 90 members now. this is a group on facebook I run with my sister. it deals with all things magickal and tarot. we have info on crystals, candles, tips, etc… there are challenges, such as doodle challenges with daily prompts in the works, there are daily themes, we allow sharing of stuff that everyone sells or makes, its all very mature and drama free and full of wonderful people. ive fully planned this week and next and each morning I make the images and stuff and schedule them to post on their own throughout the day. its a nice flow and give me some focus through the day and gives me a sort of purpose that I otherwise don’t have during the day.

my diabetes is acting up again. ive been feeling crappy a lot lately including hot flashes and headaches so Oliver suggested I check my sugar since I don’t check it regularly anymore. it was 317…..oops. so it looks like I have to be more careful….like a lot more careful and start going back to the gym.

well i’m sweating bullets and need to get active a bit to bring my sugar down so i’ll write again tomorrow

until next time



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