sleepless nights and restless days….

Last night was the lunar eclipse, and boy could you tell it was a full moon. Opal was such a pain in the ass all night that she woke me up repeatedly, almost every 40 minutes. she either went outside or she had a snack or she ate food or she wanted attention…etc… she just would not stay in one place and sleep or anything which means she had to wake me up every time she was up. around 430-5ish I gave up on trying and went in the living room so that we weren’t waking Oliver up every time.

I tried taking a nap today and I only got a little bit but as soon as I went to lie down of course she laid on the bed with me and never budged. why she couldn’t manage that last night I will never understand.

tonight is a bowling night and since its Monday it means I get to enjoy a little adult time without going dark. I don’t understand why I only go dark at bowling on Thursdays but id rather it  be this way.  Oliver was considering dropping out on Thursdays because he just doesn’t enjoy it anymore, but he changed his mind because of the money he could possibly make at the end of the season.

anyways that’s about all the info I have for the day to share. maybe more tomorrow.

until next time.


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