any CBD users out there?

I’ve recently started to use CBD to help with my anxiety and sleeping at night, and I am trying to work out dosage.  Given that all medication I have ever taken since I was a kid needs to be doubled for me because I have a resistant body, how much should a normal dose be for a regular beginner? I’d like to use regularly but cost kinda prevents that. just for a 100mg bottle of oil it was 30 dollars, which gives 15, 7mg doses. which as users know isnt a lot. plus 7 dollars for 5 gummies at 10mg each which is a better deal for the money but still more money that I plan on spending regularly.

I’ve worked out a pretty good combo for sleeping as far as the CBD goes. I take a melatonin and a gummy (yes I know they make combo gummies) and I sleep pretty solid while still hearing the dog when she needs to go outside. which is what I had to be sure of. So now I need to find the right combo for being out in the world and having my anxiety in check. any tips are welcome or suggestions on other things to try. I am on Zoloft and abilify which ive read can negatively interact with CBD but so far I have seen no adverse reactions.

Today is Thursday, dark day. i’m trying not to go dark but here I sit in all my lonely glory while everyone is up by the lanes having a grand ol time.  A good friend of Olivers is subbing tonight. one he hasn’t seen in a couple years so i’m tring to focus my dark mind on that. telling myself that it isn’t me they are avoiding its him they are trying to engage with more. it helps for sure but that one part is still saying that its my fault somehow that i’m not good enough to be included. I didn’t bring enough stuff to do tonight and there isn’t anyone here to do readings for so here I sit just typing away.

i’m gonna end here though before it enters into rant territory and no one wants that.

until next time


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