Blog post 120!!!

Wow I’ve officially hit 120 blog posts. That’s a big milestone for me even though my posts are sporadic.

Today was the last day of doing schoolwork one way for Ollie, after I finally got the hang of it. Come monday the teachers are introducing a whole new way to do homework I guess. We are up to 8 google classrooms to try to keep up with all the assignments of plus P.E.

I gave Ophion the week off while I got the hang of Ollie’s work. Come monday morning I am back at it with both kids. But in the mean time I will be enjoying the weekend.

Opal’s right eye is doing much better now her left eye is the bad eye. She hates the drops but I’m forcing her anyway and I hate it.

Hubby is going stir crazy not being able to golf. They opened the courses in NY so hes hopeful they will open our courses soon.

I’m behind in cleaning so tomorrow I’m going to try and get some stuff done. Starting with the kitchen, I’ll use the dishwasher upstairs at my FILs house then move onto the recycling and garbage that is accumulating in my kitchen.

Welp it’s about time I get back to reading my book and relaxing for the night.

Until next time

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