Homeschool x 2

Blog post 115

With this pandemic going on Ollie has started what his school is calling distance learning. Its homeschooling based on the teachers guidelines done online. They dont really give them any guidance they just have to choose a few boxes from a few boards each day. 3 from the main weekly board, 3 from the PE board, 1 from one of the special boards, then read for 45 minutes and take a practice test once a week from either math, science or ELA. These tests are based on state tests and they are impossible. I tried to help Ollie and I was very lost. Below is an example of the weekly choice board.

Main board
Art board

I was horrible at reading the instructions and instead of having him do 1 test for the week I did one from each subject. So next week we will do just 1.

Google classroom was a bit confusing at first but I think I get it now. I still submit what I can write by hand by email because I’m not sure I’m submitting his work properly and I wont bother his teachers with questions about it. I dont want to be that annoying mom who always bugs the teachers.

We finished our first week today. I skipped school with Ophion a day or two this week but will get back on track next week. I could definitely homeschool 2 kids at home on a regular basis and that may be the case for the rest of this school year if we follow suit with other schools in some states.

My FIL is still suffering some side effects of his procedures in the hospital so we are trying to get him into his dr to be checked out. I think he goes Monday. Due to his health issues and a bit of mine I added the following sign to my door that I found online. The creator is watermarked on the side of the sign.

Hubby went golfing today so he could get out of the house for a while. He’s not use to being cooped up all the time like I am. I think that’s where a lot of people are struggling right now. The isolation is giving everyone cabin fever.

My mom is supposed to be driving out here soon but idk how that’s going to work with everything between here and there closed down. I think rest areas are still open for now but who knows for how much longer. I think I’ll actually look into that and start making plans with her to figure it all out after I finish here. Although it’s hard to do when the info is ever changing.

Ollie has started cooking with me and attempting to make some things on his own which resulted in a small blistered burn to his thumb today. Hes still playing ps4 so it cant hurt too bad.

Ok I’m off for now Opal is being a pest.

Until next time.

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