Blog post 119

My beautiful girl had to go to the vet this morning for her eye. Glad to report it isnt scratched, sad to report she has conjunctivitis. Drops 3x a day for a week or so and hope it clears up.

Homeschooling based off the schools requirements is driving me a bit batty…I have to go to too many different google classrooms to get everything and below is an example of the work we do after I gather everything from all the different classes.

Ollie has a habit of doing the bare minimum and doesnt understand why more is better. So I’m forcing him to do more than he normally would.

Ophion hasnt done school for a couple days I gave him a long weekend. I’ll start him back up in the morning.

Oliver had a panic attack today and came to the conclusion that he is not a fan. As if any of us who suffer from them are. He slept it off from 1PM to 5PM. Sleeping tonight is going to be a tough one for him.

Well I think this is it for today’s post.

Until next time

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