So what is up with men’s style of communicating that they want sex….ok maybe thats unfair, what is up with my man’s communication style in asking for sex?!? He usually just randomly looks at me and either says “wanna do it?” Or “I’m horny” or yesterday’s “favorite” sending me a GIF on fb messenger from the other room that says “boner alert” I’m not fucking amused by these tactics. We aren’t 15 years old and new to how this all works. Give me some type of fucking effort or the light switch you are confusing me for will remain off.

This is how my husband asked for sex

Ok now that I got that off my chest, let’s dive into this week. Starting with group on monday..mindfulness Monday i call it.. And after over 30 years on this earth I finally found out a huge secret!! There is no such thing as multitasking!! Stop trying! If you are doing more than one thing at a time then your attention is too divided to give proper focus and care to the thing at hand. And more often than not, when u focus on too much something usually goes wrong. I participated 5x in this group today which is 4 more than my daily goal.

Distress tolerance Tuesday i was late for cuz we had to go grocery shopping but we talked about something called monkey mind and of course the often discussed wise mind. Which is a good balance between rational mind and emotional mind. I reached goal by participating exactly once this day.

Wednesday we do emotion regulation but adhd brain was running wild and I could focus on anything said. I know we were going over dbt stuff from Marsha Linehan, but that all I remember even after checking my notes. I did however reach my goal and participated once

Mindful self compassion on Wednesday is probably my least favorite I zone out during it hard and can’t remember anything we discussed and im not a fan of the topic at hand. No participation this week.

Interpersonal effectiveness Thursday i took zero notes for so I’m assuming adhd brain was still kicking my ass i dont remember much from that group. I did participate once though.

Now on to IMR Thursday! I love this group. Its usually small and low key and the facilitator has energy for days. Its impossible not to smile at least once at her. We went of the stages of change, I figured out I’m on step 2 of 5. I’m in the contemplation stage of my illness management and recovery- which is, I’m aware of a problem and the desired change I want to make. I participated 5x during this group!

Now, CBT friday…I didnt get a chance to take notes because the conversations were just flowing and I read a lot for the group. I couldn’t read aloud to them and take notes, but we discussed assertiveness. Breaking that down more we discussed, passive, assertive, and aggressive. This one I participated 7x.

Other than groups and the 2 one on one’s with my case manager/therapist nothing much to report. Im still sad that my mom can’t come out this coming week but I understand why it just doesn’t make sense.

Ok it’s 8am which means its time to take my meds and have some breakfast.

Until next time!

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