Trigger warning: mentions of attempted suicide

My little cousin attempted suicide last night. I dont know the whole story or timeline or anything but what I know is she tried. So beautiful so young so much to live for. So sad. Apparently when my uncle went to go pick her up to take her to the hospital the step dad said no there’s nothing wrong with her you can’t come in my house. I dont know how it was “resovled” but my uncle got her to the hospital in time and after testing they said if she had taken any more… of what she took… she would’ve been foaming at the mouth. Idk if they pumped her stomach or if they let it pass naturally, idk if she’s on a psych hold, idk what pushed her to this level of action. I dont know anything and its torture. This is one of the only downfalls of being so far from family.

Ally, I wish you well babygirl. ♡

Until next time

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