Today I broke a bit. I spent 80% of group therapy crying. 1/2 of one on one was spent crying as well. Im just so frustrated with not being able to concentrate. I always have a bad memory but im blanking out on full conversations. My therapist told me to go a few days of group without taking notes and see if that helps my focus by not dividing my mind between listening and writing I can just focus on listening. And thats the only thing I remember from our talk today. I dont even remember a single thing from either of the two groups I was in today.

I Talked to the psych today. He thinks its the lamictal messing me up cuz the symptoms started a week after upping my dosage. I know its my adhd its been like this since I was in 3rd grade but we will play this his way.

I’ve been setting up Ophions school year, I have about 2+months of his work scheduled. Im going to school 5 days a week every other week, 4 days the opposite weeks and on the Fridays of the 4 day weeks do fun subjects like art etc..

I have some research to do for further in the year but I’m happy with how much I have done so far.

Alright thats all I have for today as I’m still all foggy and lost gonna watch one of my favorite movies enjoy some icecream and pass out.

Until next time

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