Ally is doing well. She’s home and resting. This horrible situation was brought on by a breakup. Hopefully she sees a brighter side to everything

Tomorrow i finally have my appointment for my abilify injection….only 2 weeks late. I think the place i go through for everything like therapy, med management, etc… is great with some things but other things they are miserable at. Scheduling appointments is one of the shitty things they do. I was supposed to be contacted prior to today but I got a call from the nurse this afternoon expecting an appointment for tomorrow. Luckily Oliver is off work and it worked out but normally you need to give advance notice.

Ollie starts school Wednesday…. im both terrified for him and excited. Its jr high (yaaay) and with his attitude there are bound to be fights and calls to the principals office and notes home (booooo). I just hope the good days outweigh the bad. If all else fails I will pull him out for homeschooling like I did for Ophion.

Ophion is on week 3 of school easing into it pretty well. We’ve had a few issues with some writing that he doesn’t want to do because the topics are provided but he’s doing well otherwise.

Well thats all for now watching a movie and the ugly crying is about to start.

Until next time

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