Ugh. Where to start?!? Friday I felt pretty good and decided, since good days aren’t very often, it would be cleaning day. First I redid my whole pantry checking dates, semi-organizing, throwing out open/stale things etc…..I filled 4 garbage bags (2 of which were open bags of chips) from my pantry alone and its still packed. I have no idea how everything fit in there

The stuff at the bottom is misc cooking equipment and beverages

After finishing the pantry I start my least favorite chore….dishes. I spend a good forty minutes at the sink running the hot water washing a bunch of dishes. Because I have a full sink without the divider in the middle giving me two sinks I have to run the water turn it off run the water turn it off so I dont leave it running too much. Well I filled the sink with the dishes that needed to soak and turned on the hot water to fill the sink up then go take a break. Im sitting down and Ollie comes out of his room as he walks by the door at the beginning of the hallway he asks what that sound is. I didnt hear anything but the door he was at holds the water heater and the furnace. He said it sounded like something spraying. Now I’m not fully believing it because he always makes a mountain out of a molehill but decided to check just to ease his mind….get to the door hear the sound open the door and BOOM! WATER EVERYWHERE!! I run upstairs tell my father in law then run downstairs to shut off the water to the house. I try soaking up some of the water with towels but there is a good 1/4-1/2 inch of water covering the floor. Ollie walks down the hall and asks why are his socks wet? I said they are not then he had me feel them…. yup they are wet. I go in the hallway and wow o wow the water flooded the hallway! I go back upstairs and my father in law is making the calls for someone to come out and fix it. I went down with the shop vac so I could vacuum the water the best I could.

Ok so we reached someone to come out. He comes and checks it out then turns the lever off that controls the hot water heater. Now we can turn the main water back on so the boys could use the bathroom again. Turns out the whole water heater needs replaced and it’s gonna cost almost $3500.00 to replace. Including labor and warranties. After going over everything we agree to it pick the most expensive package so we get a few extra gadgets like an emergency auto shut off valve and an automatic sensor that leads to a drip pan so if any water touches it it lets us know. Alright so the factory/warehouse where they get the heaters from is closed till Monday morning so we are dealing with cold water till they can fix it. We are set as the first appointment on Monday. I’m super nervous about it flooding again when they try to move it and even more worried about the gas line they have to deal with.

THEEEENNN the water heater guy suggested a cleaning and restoration company to come give a free estimate of cleaning the water out of the wall and carpet in the hall this hallway is maybe 8 feet long but probably less than that. But its a free estimate so we say ok. He starts explaining things and then runs over prices….he said they want around $3000.00 for a space that size….fuuuuuuck that we’ll do it ourself. The guy gave us tips he said run a fan on it for 3 days and shop vac as much water as possible. Shop vacced it the best I could and put a fan on right away today its bone dry but I still have a fan going on it.

Today I started cleaning at 10:30 am and just stopped at 10pm except the few breaks I took. Im sooo sore i just know I’ll struggle to move tomorrow.

Well I popped a muscle relaxer and am starting to get tired so ill end this here.

Until next time

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