Ok so there are these groups on facebook for gifting people in your area with booze. It’s called ‘sisterhood of the traveling spirits’ or ‘sisterhood of the traveling booze’ for those of us in central New Jersey. The idea here is to anonymously “sprinkle” people with a gift to brighten their day and if you get sprinkled you are to pay it forward. Those that sprinkle are booze fairies. After you receive a gift you take a picture and post it to the group so your fairy can know you received it. Well in my curiosity I discovered there is a witchy version of this same thing. You can either hand deliver or mail little trinkets or whatever witchy you have on hand to one of the many witches on the page. It’s called ‘the witch hexchange’ I’m hoping to put a bag together this week to send out but we will see how that goes. I still have a package that I should’ve sent my sister many many moons ago…ok many months ago. I just hate asking to be driven to the post office Oliver makes it seem like such a burden and when we are passing it in our daily travels, i have forgotten to grab the package. I think I’ll open it up tonight and reconfigure the items for her first then the witch hexchange.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time

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