It’s been a while again. Life just getting in the way.

This morning I received an email from Opals vet reminding us that she is due for her rabies vaccine and a bunch of other one. So I once again emailed them to tell them she was no longer among the living and to please remove her from their reminder list. It made me sad to say the least.

We were hoping to get Oliver’s stimulus check this week but I think it went to his child support because he grew behind a bit during this whole corona disaster. The website said it was mailed out on the 22nd, and we have yet to recieve it.

Doing school with Ollie has become quite a chore. Hes super lazy and doesnt want to pay attention. I’m wondering if he is following me with ADHD or something. He just cant focus for shit.

Still having almost daily calls with MML. They are starting to seem forced or like she doesnt wanna talk. So I stopped calling her so she’d have to call me if she felt like talking or I’d suffer in silence if she doesnt want to talk.

The other day Oliver took Ollie with him golfing so Ophian and myself played a game of monopoly. I kicked his butt, though he did do pretty well.

Well that’s it for now

Until next time

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