Its been a while since Ive made a post. Been keeping busy but taking it easy. If that makes sense. So let’s go for the highlights.

Ollie has about a month of online schooling left which I cant wait to finish. I’m so over google classroom.

Ophion hasnt done school in a month but that will change soon. I’ll get him finished in just a couple weeks time.

Oliver has discovered he can drink on his meds so Ive seen an increase in his alcohol consumption lately. Which means a full blown binge is imminent.

Hopefully Oliver gets to go back to work soon we could def. use the money.

We all are still missing Opal like crazy. We have our break downs still, especially at the stores when we see things we regularly bought her.

I’m having some health issues going on. Cant seem to go 24 hours without something bothering me.

Still getting to talk to MML almost daily. Which has been nice.

House is an utter disaster that I need to change immediately.

And that pretty much covers it all.

Until next time!

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