Youtube has been glitching tonight which has been upsetting for Ophion. He has expressed his displeasure several times. He hasn’t been sleeping well so he has been an extra moody teenager lately. Luckily his birthday is Friday so he should be excited for that and have reason to snap out of his funk.

Ollie made up a test today that he missed and got some awesome feedback from his teacher. I would include the text but it has private information on it. Basically he got a perfect score and brought his overall grade in that class from a B to an A-! So proud of him.

Oliver went into work a little late today. He slept poorly last night and struggled to wake up on the right side of the bed. So he took a slow morning, had breakfast, a nice leisurely shower, then went into work slightly more relaxed.

I’m struggling with my blood sugar. Everytime I take it I’m around 230, including my fasting blood sugar reading first thing in the morning. I guess I should get back to my walks and start eating the healthy foods I bought. Even though on my new meds my hunger/appetite has dwindled a bit, I need to start eating regularly and properly.

Well thats it for now. Just thought I’d give a quick bit on each of us.

Until next time

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