Yesterday I sliced my hand on a knife….twice! While trying to do dishes. It doesn’t look too bad but it hurts like a bitch. Its very sensitive to the hot water as I realized today when I tried washing dishes again.

So with my t2 diabetes I’ve been trying to watch my sugar when I eat but never paid attention to carbs. It turns out carbs are almost just as important to watch as sugar. So my next shopping trip I have to completely change my way of eating.

A household of family members has covid so my heart is with them right now especially with the holidays around the corner.

I’ve been watching one of my little brothers play video games lately. I only get to pop in for a little while usually as he plays later in the evening around 9. But its nice to witness him do something he enjoys.

My sister has seemed down a bit lately but im hoping the election results help a little at least.

Oliver has been working like crazy and was even offered a raise and promotion to be done at a later date.

Ollie was off school this past week. Its going to be a pain in the ass to get him back in the habit.

Ophion has an issue with his ear. They are flooding with ear wax and cleaning them is only causing discomfort. The dr put him on some ear drops but if these don’t help then he needs an ENT and they will probably have to flush his ears out. This is uncomfortable for any one as it is but add in his autism and his aversion to odd sensations and this could be a fail of epic proportions.

Still having some anxiety issues. Hoping the new meds start working soon.

Thats all for now

Until next time

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