Handyman came to fix the leak in the roof/busted chimney yesterday and today. That was a quick $950 out the door. Hopefully the leak is fixed now. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow when the rain starts.

Went to Barnes and Noble tonight looking for some tarot decks but none spoke to me. I almost caved and got the modern witch deck but decided against it. We did get 9 blondie blasts for oliver and the kids though. We get them frozen and they thaw out by the time they eat them.

We also went to target to look for a boardgame but again walked away empty handed. Well not empty handed exactly i grabbed 2 packs of sugar free beef jerky…..100% do not recommend. Turns out they are gross when sugar free.

We got Popeyes chicken sandwiches for dinner. Spicy for me regular for Oliver….I’ve kinda been on a chicken kick lately but haven’t felt like cooking.

Ollie got his meningitis shot today FINALLY. So he’s compliant with school now. But he is falling behind from missing a couple days. This week and weekend we will get him caught back up.

I think that’s it for now.

Until next time.

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