161 and the verdict is…..

Bare with me as I am typing this up on the mobile app using one hand…

Went to the dr today for the pain in my thumb/wrist today as it feels broken. Now I know it’s not broken because there has been no trauma to it but it feels broken. Pain ranges from a 3 to a 5, for reference, I put childbirth at a 7.5 or 8. The dr was in a hurry and was rushing me out the door the moment she walked in but she said she thinks its tendonitis so now I get to wear this brace with a thumb stabilizer.

So we will see if this thing helps. It seems to be but it could take up to 6 weeks!

I got my abilify injection today and told my nurse who I’m so comfortable around about the suicidal thoughts and anger I’ve been having and she emailed my psych to reach out to me soon since my next appointment isnt until september.

Dishes are piling up in the sink because I cant grasp them to wash them with my hand this way. I’m going to give it the old college try tomorrow though.

Ophion and my father in law got into it pretty severely today. I thought my father in law was going to have a heart attack he was so mad.

We got a new floaty today and Ollie fell asleep in it….

dont mind the towel over his face that’s how hes always slept….with his face covered. Made for a lot of long nights checking his breathing when he was younger.

My mom called tonight and had an idea. She wanted to know if I’d be ok going out there to my home state with her and the kids then stay till september, then she would bring us back for school. I dont want to break her heart but I really dont feel comfortable doing that.

1. I dont wanna be away from oliver for 2 months nor do I want the kids away for that long and I’m sure he feels the same.

2. My father in law would’ve opened the pool this year for no reason and that would piss him off.

3. I dont want to be around that many people. My whole family would wanna be around and thats too much during this pandemic.

4. I dont have the money to just pack up 2 kids and myself and go to a different state for 2 months and I’m not about to let my mom foot the bill.

Well my hand is killing me so I’m outta here.

Until next time

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