2 days and a wake up until the big day! Of course I’m doing this countdown and she will probably have to sleep over night and not arrive until the day after.

Boys didn’t do too bad in the pool today my yelling at them was minimal. Ollie of course fell asleep again. Ophion talked my ears off and we had to come up with a name for a character in a story he is writing “____[insert name here]___ the ghost of darkness”.

I have some cleaning left to do…the microwave needs a good wipe down, the kitchen floor needs a scrubbing, the stairs could use vacuuming, and the room upstairs needs straightened up. I’m hoping I can get it all done but if not its no big deal. My mom raised me she knows my cleaning habits.

You ever get the feeling you are being watched? Every time we are in the pool I feel that way, then I realized why….there is a tree out back that looks like a transformer.

It makes me wonder if it is a nature diety or representation of one sent to watch over my family. Maybe my goddess Danu has sent someone to protect us while in the water.

Goddess Danu

With my mom coming I have to hide all my “witchy” stuff. I haven’t had my altar out since the last time she visited, but I keep the picture of goddess Danu above where my altar usually is. Its the only thing that isn’t “suspicious” it just looks cool. Plus its hard to see with the small book shelf sort of blocking it.

Anyway, while I was cleaning the other day I happened to find my oldest surviving possession….a porcelain Chinese mask I got in Florida with my father, step mom and siblings the summer my father and step mom got married. I don’t remember how old I was. I had hid it away because it was a reminder of my abuser but when I came across it I didn’t get the same feelings so now I have it out on display….for now.

Ollie just told me he is hungry so I guess I should start figuring out dinner.

Until next time

4 thoughts on “170

  1. They got married in 95, so you would have been about eight or nine. And I remember the matching mask I used to have! I don’t have it anymore. I kinda wish I did.

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