Not much to note today

There is a series on Netflix I can’t wait to binge. Its about people with Autism and love. Its something I always wondered about with my oldest Ophion (my autism tour guide). He is so against it now but I don’t know if thats his age or what.

Another thing I’m trying to work on with him is accepting all forms of love, which is somehow a struggle for him. As a pansexual myself I have always taught my children that love is love and while my youngest accepts that whole heartedly, it is harder for my oldest. Which is something I recently discovered. I thought he understood. So I feel I failed as a mom in that degree.

Tomorrow will be a big cleaning day while Oliver is golfing. Hopefully I get a large portion done and get laundry going as its starting to pile up.

For some reason I can’t see what I am typing right now. It was fine. Idk what happened. I hope it doesn’t look this way when published…

What I see right now.

On another note, my mother in law asked me what I want for my birthday. I can’t think of anything and she hates giving me money because she knows I won’t use it on myself.. So I’ll probably get an Amazon gift card and use it for some homeschooling supplies. Which will upset her cuz its not really for me.

5 days and a wake up until the day my mom comes. Finally! She is always an extra hand when she is here and goddess Danu knows I need it.

OK the appearance of 5his post is worrying me so we will post now and see what tomorrow brings.

Until next time

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