Yesterday was a do nothing kind of day. It flew by before I knew what happened. I took the kids in the pool but it thundered a bit and we had to get out.

My hand still hurts and I’m getting frustrated doing everything one handed TRYING to do everything one handed. I have a new found respect for those with physical challenges. I’m taking my hand out of the brace more to try to get some mobility to it although Its not really helping.

Ophion and my father in law attempted to talk through things yesterday but it didn’t go well. Poor kid is a wreck over this whole situation and I’m finding my father in law to be a little childish through it all. Everyone seems to forget Ophion is autistic. He has his differences that people just need to tolerate regardless of their personal feelings. He doesn’t respond well to anger and comes across as a smart ass who talks back and doesnt do as he is told. Some would view that as a defiant behavior issue, but in his case its not. He can’t help how is reacting its a melt down/ self preservation / sensory processing tactic.

Ollie has been doing pretty well. He sticks to his Playstation 4 like glue and is constantly playing with friends, then yelling, fighting and blocking his friends, then unblocking and playing with them all over again. Boys.

Oliver has been working quite a bit. he still seems to enjoy it but his anxiety is getting the better of him. He had a telehealth visit with his psych and he gave him a very low dose (.25) of Xanax to try to take the edge off, which in itself is giving him anxiety because he thinks he will react poorly to the meds or because he has an addictive personality he may get hooked on them. Everything and I mean everything gives him anxiety lately. I think he has officially become worse than me.

I haven’t talked to mommy again since she asked me to come out there for the rest of summer. I just feel so guilty. I want to but I can’t risk it.

Well, that’s all for now.

Until next time.

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