Today I didn’t feel the greatest, just an over all feeling of blah. So I didn’t take the boys in the pool. Ill make up for it tomorrow though.

I talked to MML today. We were on the video chat for over 2 hours. I hate hearing such sadness and pain in her voice. She deserves to be treated so much better than she is. She deserves to have love thrown on her from every direction.

I told Bee to take the full 2 weeks off. She said ok but I don’t know if she was just saying it or if she meant it. We will see.

My hand is still hurting but I have to get the house ready for my mom and Bee’s visit so I’ll have to fight through the pain and get it done.

Oliver has work again tomorrow so maybe I’ll take the boys in the pool earlier than normal so I have more time to clean the house. I hate starting and stopping because after I stop I never want to start again.

I’m starting to fall asleep so its time to get off of here.

Until next time.

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