3 days and a wake up until my mom and cousin Bee come to visit. They were recently added to the quarantine list. Meaning if they are coming from certain states they have to quarantine for 14 days.

The kids were getting into it in the pool yet again. There was even blood shed. Nothing too serious but a pretty decent cut on Ollie’s finger.

Oliver has work tomorrow morning then golf in the afternoon. He has an outing to get ready for over the weekend.

I got a bit of cleaning done today and a load of laundry. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish the house. Laundry will take longer to get done but I’ll get there.

My father in law actually went bowling today. A friend of his told him the changes they made and how clean and socially distant they are being there so he went to test it out.

I talked to MML again today, and again I feel sorry for her. Her life is definitely not as easy as she deserves.

I also talked to “Twin”. We discussed a few things including my chickening out of getting the gastric sleeve done and her daughters dr appointment to see if she has autism or another disorder. I think I got her convinced to switch to a menstrual cup. Kudos on her.

Welp…thats about all I have to update on for now will write again tomorrow.

Until next time.


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