I’m going to piggyback off of yeterdays post. I tried to have a conversation with Ophion today and asked him why he feels as he does in regards to people who are LGBTQIA. I got a better understanding on his side of it, its not just people in the LGBTQIA community, he feels that way about everyone in love. he said its all weird to him. that makes more sense given that ive been raising my kids since day 1 that love is love.

the kids yet again couldn’t get along in the pool. each wanting the toys that the other has but not wanting to give up the toys they have. I really don’t get why they cant just avoid each other. the pool has plenty of space to spread out.

my depression it trying to get the best of me but i’m fighting it off the best I can. i’m choosing to ignore the signs and keep pushing forward. its not easy and i’m just kidding myself if I think it will work but shh we will keep that between us.

4 days and a wake up until its the day my mom comes. i’m super excited but super behind in cleaning. I got the dishes caught back up today for the most part tomorrow I will work on my room and the bathroom. my room is more or less ok I just need to get rid of Ollies collection of tea cans that are all over his gaming table. I think he tries to see how many he can fit on the table without knocking them over.

Oliver played golf today and usually wins by a landslide, but today he lost by 2 strokes to “Ginoo Tesla”. it must be payback for always having to listen to Oliver with his anxiety issues.

speaking of anxiety issues Oliver hasn’t seemed too bad lately, he has his moments but overall i’d say hes been ok. yesterday he thought he was getting sick because he blew his nose and it went completely cleared out and when he would breathe through his nose he’d get a tickle in his throat and he would have to cough slightly. he’s still having me check his temperature a few times a day and is still taking his blood pressure a couple times a day but other than that its been pretty calm.

welp i’m off of here to get some stuff done before bed.

until next time

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