baby J was discharged today!! princess got him to eat the right amount without the feeding tube so the last i heard/saw was baby j in the carseat and princess said she was waiting on the paperwork.

i had the dentist today, it went as well as can be expected. they took the tooth cuz they said if they did a root canal it would still cause problems down the road. it was right against my sinus though so that hurts on top of the tooth being gone, had to get one stitch to help close the hole a bit. its been a few hours and i can still taste the gauze.

been watching A LOT of tarot reading streams on twitch lately, the discords are amazing. such lovely communities. i especially enjoy its_practical_magic. Lisa is amazing and her mods are just as great. and of course there is airbrandi….brandi is amazing. shes American but lives in Brazil with her wife. she has amazing energy and i find myself in her streams early in the morning to set the tone for the day.

ok well i dont think i have anything else to update on right now, so i’ll end here.

until next time

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