Went on YouTube today to find out that a member of the “This is how we Bingham” family, has passed away, very unexpectedly and suddenly. I’ve been following this family for at least 3 years probably closer to 4 and to see this tragedy has me so sad. He suffered a stroke, then additional more serious ones and all the chaos associated with them (blood clots on the brain etc..) He was surrounded by all his loved ones which is how any of us could hope to go.

I still have this miserable toothache kicking my ass. once one tooth starts its not long before the other gets going so I’ve come up with a regiment. as soon as the pain starts i slather that tooth in orajel and the other tooth as well just because i know it will start soon after. i numb the whole side of my mouth and just wait to redo it when it wears off. the directions say 4 times a day (which I will suggest you follow) but I’m doing it as needed. I’ve gone though a whole tube in a week I think. Dentist tomorrow to get one of them pulled, i’ll figure out which one causes me more trouble tonight and tomorrow morning but i think i told them top on the phone. we’ll see.

Princess and baby j are doing good. princess ended up getting baby j moved to the pediatric floor and out of NICU. They have a private room and she has to be with him 23 hrs a day, but its the best option they have right now. it was driving her nuts to be without him as much as she was. he’s eating a lot better now as well. I’m thinking he will be out of the hospital in a couple days. fingers crossed!

my father-in-law, on top of the stitches fiasco, is now sick as a dog. He’s sucking back the mucinex every 4 hours. it hit him yesterday right out of the blue. I’ve been trying to make him an appointment to get the booster shot but because he had moderna its near impossible to find him an appointment nearby that he can drive to himself.

ok i’m watching my brothers stream so i should get back to it!

until next time

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