Today the Dr took out my father in laws stitches. I think it is way too early to do so as the whole thing looks open. the edges are closed but the skin isn’t closed together yet. so it looks like the Grand Canyon the walls are closed but its open space in the middle. after he took the stitches out, which my father in law was surprised at how much it hurt lol, the Dr only placed a bandage on the wound. he didn’t clean it or put bacitracin or anything on it just threw a band aid on it, told him that we are to keep wrapping it the way I have been for the next week, and sent him on his way. that kinda pissed him off. so when he got home i wrapped it up for him.

baby j is adjusting to life at home i haven’t received much of an update as I’m sure princess has her hands full. but last i heard he was getting spoiled like crazy.

today my mouth feels ok. i’ve been eating almost as usual, just avoiding that side of my mouth.

i need to check in with mommy. i haven’t talked to her since thanksgiving. she just works so much running her own post office now i feel like calling her is just added work for her.

tonight is a bowling night for Ollie, so i’m sitting here writing this at the bowling alley while listening to TheGreatestTarot on twitch. his voice is soothing it reminds me of a pirate. like he would make a wicked captain hook..

ok thats about all the updating i have for now, so i will end this here.

until next time

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