263 covid day 2

Today was the 2nd day of covid at the Jones household. We had a scare that Ollie had it cuz he didn’t like anything he ate and he said he couldn’t smell anything. He took a nap and woke up fine with all senses back to normal. I have a slight sore throat….so slight its almost not worth mentioning it….but I want to keep track of everyone’s symptoms just in case.

My pulse ox is steady at 95, but higher with the fan on.

Know whats bullshit…..when ur on facetime with your quarantined husband and ur son is in the room with you saying everything your husband says word for word exactly when he says it and you get creeped out only to be made a fool of by the fact that there was a delay and Ollie heard the convo before I did so he was able to trick me into paranoia!! Punk! Haha.

Well thats it for today.

Until next time


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