264 day 3 of covid

Its day 3 of covid in the Jones household and I’m feeling like crap. Between the chest pain and throat pain, It feels like I chain smoked a pack of newports. Dr put me on a zpack and albuterol. Coughing is torture but other than that I feel ok. Oliver still feels good and Ollie […]

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263 covid day 2

Today was the 2nd day of covid at the Jones household. We had a scare that Ollie had it cuz he didn’t like anything he ate and he said he couldn’t smell anything. He took a nap and woke up fine with all senses back to normal. I have a slight sore throat….so slight its […]

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262…covid edition

Welp….its official. Covid has hit the Jones Household. Starting with Oliver. He tested positive today while Ollie and I tested negative. My FIL and Ophion aren’t really around Oliver too much so they didn’t get tested. We are assuming it was picked up in one of two places. Either the bowling alley or at work. […]

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