Saturday I was bit by 2 ticks. A large one was attached to my stomach and another, very small one, to my leg. They were only attached for about an hour maybe 2 from the time I started working in the yard to the time I took a shower and noticed them. Therefore lymes transmission isnt possible or at least highly highly unlikely. Knowing that didnt stop me from having a major panic/anxiety attack all night after having to work in the yard again today. It took everything in me not to cry hysterically while helping my father in law with some yard work. I came inside when we were done stripped down, had Oliver check me for ticks then took a shower immediately, followed by washing my clothes.

I cried the whole time in the shower and still cant help looking at my body everytime I have an itch or tickle checking if it’s a tick. I tried coloring to help calm down, its helped some but now that I’m coming down from it all the exhaustion is setting in and it’s getting harder to keep my eyes open.

I reached out to an old friend today, I’ve missed him for a while and havent had a chance to check on him so I took the time today to check in. He seems like he is doing well. Which is all I could hope for.

Alright reader, it’s time for me to turn in for the night and try to get this attack under control, hopefully it wont cause nightmares this time.

Until next time

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