Let’s see. We got up early to start the day for Ollies first day of virtual learning for middle school. It went pretty well. Each class is only half an hour and each class today was spent taking attendance and going over the class rules/expectations. The schedule is a bit confusing but I think we […]

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154 a few of my poems

I wrote most of these around 2013/2014 I was good enough to ruin,not good enough to raise. You played my emotions like a fiddleyou should’ve stayed away when i was littlewhat you did was not oki still struggle till this dayblaming me was low, especially back thenyou crossed a line that shouldnt have beeni know […]

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148 TMI hubby health scare

Oliver got his first anal fissure. Its in a unique location, but somehow he got it. He was freaked out when the toilet bowl was full of blood and had me come running in to see what the deal was. Luckily I’ve had surgery for this in the past and knew right away what it […]

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