This morning I had interpersonal effectiveness DBT. We did a group activity in which I happily got all the answers right even volunteered my answer a few times. A few things I took away from today’s session were… 1. What we focus on can often make the pain worse. 2. When it comes to visions […]

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Quick update on the day… We made breakfast pizza for breakfast. Pizza dough, sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese. Today we were swimming and it decided to rain. We were going to get out but decided since we were already wet we’ll just enjoy it. How many time can u say you safely […]

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3 days and a wake up until my mom and cousin Bee come to visit. They were recently added to the quarantine list. Meaning if they are coming from certain states they have to quarantine for 14 days. The kids were getting into it in the pool yet again. There was even blood shed. Nothing […]

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161 and the verdict is…..

Bare with me as I am typing this up on the mobile app using one hand… Went to the dr today for the pain in my thumb/wrist today as it feels broken. Now I know it’s not broken because there has been no trauma to it but it feels broken. Pain ranges from a 3 […]

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I’ve been enjoying my low key days lately. I didnt realize how badly I needed the break, mentally. We had another lazy day and just enjoyed lounging in the pool. The boys were back at their BS today which I did not need, but it ended pretty quickly once I got in the water. Life […]

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158 low key

Another low key day. Got a little cleaning done then ran to the grocery store, Went in the pool, had dinner and now I’m writing this. Oliver had a good day at work. I find I’m happy to hear about his days now cuz hes excited to tell me. Before he was just so miserable […]

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156 dark post, beware

trigger warning; suicide/suicidal thoughts/self harm/violence/graphic   it has been a while since my mind went to this dark place. the meds have been working tremendously! today however, my mood got the better of me.  first let me say i’m ok, i’m safe and doing better at the moment. have you ever been so overloaded with […]

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155 nothing to report

Nothing to report really. We had a very low key day. I cleaned a bit we went in the pool I listened to a large chunk of my audiobook and that was pretty much it. The grand opening of the newly owned paint and hardware store is tomorrow. I’m hoping all goes well and this […]

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Ollie did great at the appointment for his eyes today. He even did great with the eye pressure test….you know that real shitty machine that blows the puff of air in your eyes. He about jumped out of his skin with the first puff but stayed real still for the rest. They believe its allergy […]

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