Watching a movie with Ophion. Its called MIRACULOUS new York United heros. Its a movie before the new season of MIRACULOUS Lady bug and cat noir comes out, which is a show we watch together. I love moments like this with him. I cant believe he will be 15 this year. These moments will happen […]

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Ugh. I’m still extremely sad that my mom and cousin Bee aren’t here anymore. It was nice having them here for the week. Her and Oliver clashed a bit more than they usually do. His anxiety and worries got on her nerves a little and she was short with him. I saw him bite his […]

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Quick update on the day… We made breakfast pizza for breakfast. Pizza dough, sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese. Today we were swimming and it decided to rain. We were going to get out but decided since we were already wet we’ll just enjoy it. How many time can u say you safely […]

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I’ve been enjoying my low key days lately. I didnt realize how badly I needed the break, mentally. We had another lazy day and just enjoyed lounging in the pool. The boys were back at their BS today which I did not need, but it ended pretty quickly once I got in the water. Life […]

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155 nothing to report

Nothing to report really. We had a very low key day. I cleaned a bit we went in the pool I listened to a large chunk of my audiobook and that was pretty much it. The grand opening of the newly owned paint and hardware store is tomorrow. I’m hoping all goes well and this […]

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151 sooo sooo sore

holy hell I cant believe how sore I am from hitting golf balls yesterday. my legs are screaming with every ounce of my full figured body. my back is twinging with each movement. I don’t think I’m going to get many steps in today. I probably wont even take the boys in the pool today […]

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144 I’m so excited!!

3 weeks to go till my mommy comes to visit!! Which means I have 3 weeks to get the house in order. The kitchen is basically done I just have to break down all the recycling. I did what I could in the boys bedroom, but I have about 11 full garbage bags of clothes […]

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the movie that started it all!

it’s on! the movie that began this whole blogging journey! the wonderful “Julie & Julia” oh how I love this movie. I think it’s Meryl Streep, i’m drawn to her in whatever she is playing in no matter how good or bad the movie may actually be. anyway, i’m sitting here just in aw of […]

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Monday night bowling BS!

tonight is league night for Oliver. I want him to have a good time and enjoy the time with him friends, but both boys came with us tonight which means nothing but fighting and fighting and more fighting, Ophion has wanted to come for a couple weeks but I kept putting it off because I […]

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Saturday night wrestling

lets see, Saturday I didn’t do too much during the day but we went to our monthly wrestling show with a few friends that night. every month there is a local wrestling show, UWA Elite, that is usually in a church [no I don’t burst into flames when I walk in] about 10ish minutes away […]

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