Wow this is my 350th post! Its been almost a month since my last entry. Im losing interest in things again…I feel a breakdown on the horizon or at the very least a bad depression creeping in. So many contributing factors. My anxiety is getting the best of me lately. Anytime I leave the house […]

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165…I’ve figured it out

I’ve figured it out. The last couple weeks or so I’ve had all the signs that are typical for me, loss of interest, change in sleeping patterns, zoning out, irritability, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, feeling worthless etc. Then today it hit me full on. Depression is such a miserable bitch. I’ve already cried twice today and […]

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151 sooo sooo sore

holy hell I cant believe how sore I am from hitting golf balls yesterday. my legs are screaming with every ounce of my full figured body. my back is twinging with each movement. I don’t think I’m going to get many steps in today. I probably wont even take the boys in the pool today […]

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144 I’m so excited!!

3 weeks to go till my mommy comes to visit!! Which means I have 3 weeks to get the house in order. The kitchen is basically done I just have to break down all the recycling. I did what I could in the boys bedroom, but I have about 11 full garbage bags of clothes […]

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Saturday night wrestling

lets see, Saturday I didn’t do too much during the day but we went to our monthly wrestling show with a few friends that night. every month there is a local wrestling show, UWA Elite, that is usually in a church [no I don’t burst into flames when I walk in] about 10ish minutes away […]

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