165…I’ve figured it out

I’ve figured it out. The last couple weeks or so I’ve had all the signs that are typical for me, loss of interest, change in sleeping patterns, zoning out, irritability, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, feeling worthless etc. Then today it hit me full on. Depression is such a miserable bitch. I’ve already cried twice today and […]

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154 a few of my poems

I wrote most of these around 2013/2014 I was good enough to ruin,not good enough to raise. You played my emotions like a fiddleyou should’ve stayed away when i was littlewhat you did was not oki still struggle till this dayblaming me was low, especially back thenyou crossed a line that shouldnt have beeni know […]

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the movie that started it all!

it’s on! the movie that began this whole blogging journey! the wonderful “Julie & Julia” oh how I love this movie. I think it’s Meryl Streep, i’m drawn to her in whatever she is playing in no matter how good or bad the movie may actually be. anyway, i’m sitting here just in aw of […]

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