Ollie did great at the appointment for his eyes today. He even did great with the eye pressure test….you know that real shitty machine that blows the puff of air in your eyes. He about jumped out of his skin with the first puff but stayed real still for the rest. They believe its allergy […]

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My baby boys eyes are back to full blown allergy mode. I cant wait until his eye appointment tomorrow. I didnt get to talk to my mommy today but we text a little. It turns out that one of my uncles and one of my cousins are trying to come with her to my house […]

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Woohoo today marks 150 blog posts!! I’m dancing, I’m dancing!! You cant see me, but I’m dancing! Ok so today I got back in the swing of things….quite literally. I started swinging my golf clubs. 3 years after the last time I swung one. It felt great to get back in there and get active […]

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